Monday, February 29, 2016

Life is Life. Vida e Vida

So don’t really have a lot of time today to write. We are going to Belem to festa with the sisters in Povoa! but I hope you are all doing good! I will just tell you a quick story!
So we were in a really big lesson on Friday night and we were there and we were helping this guy decide if he wanted to be baptized or not and it was really intense. Well we were about 30 mins from home and we were in his house until like 21h50 (9:50 pm) and we have to be home at 22h. so ya we left there full of the spirit and all crazy and we looked at each other and at the same time we just RAN!!!!! We ran so hard and so fast in the POORING rain in our skirts and little rain boots and I was trying to talk on the phone to tell the elders that we were going to be late. haha It was crazy!!! So we just ran!!! And we did not stop! Well some home we made it home 3 mins after 21h. It was a miracle that we got there in the time that we did. So we get in the house and we just fell on the ground and died! haha it was fun and really crazy! The elders just laughed at how stupid we are. But I know that we helped that guy a lot so it was worth it!
Love you all so much! hope you all have uma boa semana! fica bem! and choose the right always!
love lyssa

S V and I knocked on some pretty cool doors this year
We went to Lisboa

Yes, I was really running from the street car

We had a fruit fly invasion


The little girls in the ward wanted to do my hair

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